Choquequirao Trek



Choquequirao, the Golden cradle, This place is considered the Twin of Machu Picchu, for the resemblance that they have each other, similar architecture and structural, is another of the destinations of the Machu Picchu road.

Is located between the Salcantay snowcapped, to the north of the Apurímac River, on the province of Anta, in the department of Cusco.
It has many animal and flower species, animals like foxes, pumas, bears, the called Gallito de las rocas, and plants like Ichu, and many types of orchids completes the beautiful landscape.

The only way to reach for the Choquequirao complex is by terrestrial via, getting to the highway that leads you to Abancay and in the 154 km take a detour that leads to the Cachora Town. Starting from there, you can toward the hill, around 30 km, in wich route reach almost two days long. You can also accede through other towns, but the safest is by the mentioned highway.

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