All of our programs involve adventure activities where participants must work together to be successful – climbing, backpacking, the company are pointing to outdoors to teach and feel that the life skills learned are intangibles – trust, communication, and self-confidence. Without question, Choquequirao trek is a group effort and friendships become very strong, our client comments about the experiences had on the trek and Furthermore, Pacha Peru Explorers it is really adventure company who reporting the best service on the Andes on the last 2 years, the company is still innovate the outdoor trekking thinking on the client to do memorable trips. Every trek for us are considerate special because the people are visit my region and help the economy to local farmers, that is why was create the company all the money to do on the trips are sharing with all the company staff and push on the education of the school student and parents.
Our programs are camping along the trail we set the tent each tents are 2 person, part of the equipment are the dining tents, sleeping bag, mattresses, pillow, we are transport the equipment by horses and mules, we are constantly involved in adventure activities throughout the hike on the mountains. Unlike traditional camps where you might be at a residential location and activities are structured throughout the day, we are always on the go. We backpack for several days at a time, wilderness areas and then turn around the community service program world setting. Another difference is that we travel in small groups
We are adventure company looking the new challenge, our programs are wilderness wild life and hike on the mountains there are not a traditional tour us well are flexible to weather cast as landscape (mate slide, rock fall, get big rivers by heavy rain or get sick a member ) Since we are oftentimes in remote areas, we offer much more than see the sights. As they say, “it is more than the elevation that will take your breath away!” We strive to empower you to take chances, push yourself, learn from talented leaders and do all this with the best friends you can possibly imagine.
We are the expert to tech you and sharing the wilderness wildlife on the mountains, everything on the trail are responsible the company thoroughly the guide you need to know to feel safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Our trips are suited for folks who are new to the outdoors as well, as long as you are equipped with a positive attitude and a willingness to try new things, you’re good to go! We recommended do some short hike before to come up the mountains for trekking, to provide clear information about the equipment you carrying on the trek.
You can expect the unexpected. When you’ll start the trek there are waiting a lot of adventure, with the great crew, first the motivation before lo leave with our tour leader, and then jump right into your adventure. You are part of the wild live and adventure. You will be a vital member of a small group of like-minded hikers. These experiences are hands on and as you will find, the more you give, the more you will receive from your trip.
Safety is first and foremost in everything that we do, on the begin of the season we carrying on, the expedition with the wilderness guide and expert mountaineers to official open the new period on the year, during the trips on the mountain we assistance with top knowledgeable guides who bring the radio, first aid kit and satellite phone to make safety and trustable your journey. It is constantly discussed and thought on every single trip that we operate. In the event of an emergency, Pacha Peru explorers has developed a safety and evacuation plan for every area that we travel (emergency transport by helicopter and medical center). With all of our technical activities, we use only the finest outfitters for cultural, adventure, mysticism tourism, mountaineering, etc. All leaders carry a cell or satellite phone with them. We are proud of our safety record and strive to ensure each group has a safe and successful experience.
Exploring the on line there are exist many company who own rate on the ten top travel agencies on the Peruvian industry, we feel that the personal care we share with everyone at Pacha Peru Explorers makes a positive difference to our families. Our mentality of the company is not to be the biggest on the market our main purposed are bring the top quality and personal service to every client choose us, as well we strive to offer the finest opportunities for students and hikers worldwide. One of the true benefits of being a smaller company is that we have the chance to personally know every one of our hikers. Our manager founders, travels throughout the season 4 season visiting all domestic trips so that they have the chance to meet and work with each travels along the time and share a part of everyone’s experience.
On the trail there are low signal for cellphone mostly are on the begin and end of the trek, because on the mountain range Andean people not use often the cellphone there are still no too much influence with the modern live, but if you want to bring your iPod will be good to listen music on the free time, to charge the battery for both of these the nearly place to find electricity are after 4 days hiking, as well we want to teach everyone the beauty of listening to the whistle of the wind in the trees and to “in the moment.” With that said, We understand that you want to communicated with your families to tale the news of the trek, the idea of those trips are disconnecting of the civilization and feel the nature. Trust us, you will understand.
They are adventurous, enthusiastic, bright, motivated, the complementary are the company staff the responsible to feel safe and enjoyable your trip are seeking a unique experience. They understand every one come feel the adrenaline on the Andes are satisfactory and makes memorable trip on their lives with responsibility, on the group all participant come from many countries with own language but the mainly point come over the mountains to have a new experiences and challenge, the important are the group effort and cooperation and consideration are essential elements to a successful trek. They are motivated and eager to get the most out of life.
The company pick up the comments of the nutritionist on the hiking (carbohydrates, and nutritive food) to have enough energy and force to climbing up to the summit and having great food is essential for a positive experience. While most meals in the backcountry taste better after a long day on the trail, all of our meals are simple and plentiful each day; we never want you to go hungry. We want to ensure you have a tasty and well balanced menu. We eat family style so everyone shares not only good food, but good company at each meal. During the trip, you will have foods such as pancakes, omelets, pasta, red meat, chicken fajitas and variety of vegetables, on the begin of the day we’ll provide thick snack, as well we recommended bring your favorite snack (chocolate bar, cookies, candies). Food always gets a high rating at the end trip evaluations. The local food are present on the variety on the sample traditional menus.
We care about this point with the vegetarian and allergy to some ingredients on the food, on the booking list the must be you have detail of the food, or mention to the tour leader that’s your last chance one day before to leave on the trek can accommodate vegetarians by simply withholding the meat. We typically are unable to accommodate vegan or kosher diets. We take food allergies very seriously and will discuss with you your restrictions at length before your trip. However, our cookers are preparing varieties of food on the trail.
We have shower facilities in each camping site provide by local families (hot shower are rent s/10) or if you preference to have cold and feel the fresh water of the mountain are free on the wild area, on your trip as well as doing laundry. This is one of the questions we often get, but mostly the hikers not mind getting a shower every day. Since we are in the backcountry on backpacking trips for multiple days at a time, mostly days on the trek are warm and tropical area, but along the trail exist the water fall, water stream, water spring to refresh the all body. The laundry service facilities are on the last days of the trek or yourself wash on the country site.
Our leaders are trained in wilderness medicine, so should you get sick, we can take care of many minor medical issues where your trip is not interrupted. As well our tour leaders bring the first aid kit certificate by the wilderness medicine institute; we are in contact with local clinics in all the areas we travel where you can see a local doctor or other medical professional. Our tour leader have radio to practice quit communication on case you need to evacuate to medical center, as well we recommended bring your own medical kit provide by medic prescription or if you draw back with any part of the body tale the clear information to the guides to prevent any accident.
On the trip you need waterproof camping gear like (boots, jackets, rain pant) as well light wear for warm days (t-shirt, light pants, sandals, sun and cold hut) to set down on the tent (sleeping bag, thermal wear), these equipment are easily to find on the mountain equipment shop.
Our itineraries are create thinking in you to hike on the slow peace on good time, the itineraries are made by our mountain rangers, we don’t change the itineraries but if we have any draw back we are flexible to change to prevent any complains, mostly on the wet season (land slide, rock collapse, train delay).
We have incorporated Leave No Trace, on the last years were create a national program that teaches responsible use of wilderness areas and how to minimize our impact. We bring garbage plastic bag to collect the trash and transport to the garbage containers.