Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Policy

At Pacha Peru Explorers, we offer packages, that include visits to protected areas, especially in the Peruvian Amazon. When visiting protected areas, we have made sure, that our clients are always guided by local, specially trained tour guides that make sure the fragile ecosystem is not disturbed and that awareness for the need of protection for this area is risen.



Pacha Peru Explorers provides authentic, ones-in- a-lifetime travel experiences, by taking travelers to local communities and cultural heritage, without negatively effecting the environment or the cultural identity of the places visited. Pacha Peru Explorers obligates itself to closely cooperate with its suppliers (transportation, accommodation, guides, etc.) and clients and provides them with guidelines of how to operate and act responsibly. Although being focused on preserving the cultural heritage of each destination, Pacha Peru Explorers is highly dedicated to ensure the introduction of sustainability into the management system in its entirety, including environmental, social and economic issues.


Pacha Peru Explorers recognizes the importance of involving its staff into the process of introducing the topic of sustainability and sustainable development into the company. Therefore, the topic is subsequently on the agenda of the weekly meetings with the staff of our office in Cusco and of the monthly meetings with our tour guides and drivers, who work with Pacha Peru Explorers on a freelancer basis.


Pacha Peru Explorers is regularly monitoring and evaluating its actions with regards to sustainability. This includes the detailed assessment of the current action plan, to monitor which actions have been taken (and which ones have to be further worked on) and to evaluate if the action taken has been a success or with difficulties have been occurred


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